Right place, right time…

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Very recently we took a phone call from a Marketing Manager who had attended a seminar we hosted a couple of years ago. Although she’d been interested in the idea of promotional merchandise, the company was fairly new and didn’t have the budgets available, so off she went with one of our Love to Brand nail files in her handbag.

2 years later, the business is flourishing! They now have a budget set aside for marketing, and promotional items will form part of their strategy. So guess who she called? You got it; the Love to Brand promotional nail file had been in her possession for the past couple of years and had been used on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. The product not only found a part to play in her daily life, it also ensured she had our details to hand when the time was right to make that all-important phone call.

Effective marketing is about being there when your prospects are ready to buy, and promotional merchandise allows you to do just that.

You’re lucky if you pick the phone up to a client or prospect and they happen to want to buy there and then. A branded item on their desk (or in their handbag or pocket) ensures they’ll think of you when they’re ready to make that buying decision, putting you in the ‘right place at the right time’.

Would we have been at the forefront of this lady’s mind if she had only taken one of our business cards or seen an advert? Maybe, but it’s more likely that they would have ended up with the pile of other business cards in her desk drawer or would have been forgotten about.

So how are you going to make sure your company details are in ‘the right place at the right time’ in the next sales quarter?

A promotional product specialist (like us!) will help you find the right promotional product for your company; whether that be a tape measure if you’re a building contractor, a sports bottle if you’re a gym or maybe a calculator if you’re a firm of accountants.

Promotional products work…and hey, we all need a little reminder sometimes!