Game, Set and Match!

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With Wimbledon being the sporting event of the moment (except the Euros of course, although England’s performance would be best forgotten!), we’ve based this month’s blog on how your organisation can win ‘Game, Set and Match’ through the use of promotional merchandise…

We’re all looking for opportunities to keep in front of our customers, but often clients will tell us that they struggle to find reasons or ways in which to make contact.

The beauty of promotional merchandise is its adaptability to different audiences and varying times of the year, and its ability to achieve many different marketing goals.

Everyday life is full of opportunities; together with the flexibility which promotional items provide, you’ve got a winning combination. While you’re thanking your customers or reminding them how great you are, your company details are on the notepad, pen or mug that you’ve just sent them.

Here are a few of our top ‘winning combinations’:

  • Reward your most loyal customers – A quality promotional item is a great way to say “thank you” and will also encourage repeat business.
  • Try a themed ‘seasonal’ campaign. Ice scrapers in Winter, desk flower pots in Spring, or how about hand-held fans in Summer?
  • Send a promotional item on a customer’s birthday; it goes a long way to reinforce loyalty.
  • Offer a free gift with every order; a great way to drive up an average order value. Set a minimum order value and watch as customers order more products to claim their free gift.
  • Allocate an ‘order anniversary’ – send clients a corporate gift on the 6/12 month anniversary of their 1st order; they won’t be expecting that!
  • Prizes on social media – not only is this an engaging way to get people talking about and sharing your brand, it’s a great way to use promotional products as incentives to gather information.
  • Align yourself with high profile events such as Wimbledon. ‘Serve up’ a great offer, or explain how you can increase their ‘net profit’.
  • Want to encourage clients or prospects to participate in surveys? Promotional products can provide the incentive required whilst ensuring you get something in return.
  • Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas – All opportunities not to be missed! Be their ‘Valentine’ or remind them how ‘eggscellent’ you are….

Simple products can be turned into powerful promotional tools if the right marketing message is applied.

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