Print IS still alive and kicking!

Digital marketers and media experts have been predicting the death of print for years, but instead of disappearing, print media is just re-inventing itself for a digital world.

So while you may be pulling out all the stops to make your business a big hit digitally, here are four reasons why you shouldn’t neglect the world of print to connect with your customers…


Digital media may be great in terms of accessibility for reaching a wide audience quickly, but for engaging directly and personally with your customers and giving them reliable information, print comes out on top. People can be sceptical of information they receive online, where misleading or false information is scarily common. If you want to really engage with your customers, a targeted direct mail campaign will stand head and shoulders above any e-mail, in what is a digitally exhausted world.


Most of you probably have drawer full of takeaway menus, coupons and adverts and some select magazines which are kept throughout the house. You know where they are, so when you fancy some takeout food you just make a trip to the ‘drawer’.  Do you ever find it difficult to locate an article you’ve read online previously? Unless you remember to bookmark the page, trying to find a certain report or article on the World Wide Web can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Even if you can remember exactly where you read the piece, there is always the possibility of it being deleted in time. So again, in this way printed material allows your marketing literature to be kept close at hand – a huge advantage for both you and your customer.


From 3D pictures to innovative folding flyers, print media lets you think outside the box and be creative. Advertising flyers can be unusually shaped, inventively interactive, or even made of an unconventional material. Great things can happen once you move past the idea of a magazine or advertising flyer as something to just read, but something you can also interact with. Most importantly, printed literature provides tangibility; your customers cannot touch and appreciate the feel of a glossy brochure with an online feature!


The online world seems to be becoming noisier by the day as every business is trying to get your attention, meanwhile, the world of print has become much ‘quieter’ in recent years. This means that any new publication launched today faces less competition, so could give your brand the advantage of individuality and give you the edge in a market where online advertising is the norm.

So don’t reallocate your print resources just yet. Print media can still play a vital role in helping you reach your customers and market your services.

Don’t forget to utilise promotional products alongside your printed corporate literature – industry surveys have shown that 78% of people use a promotional product at least once a week…so don’t miss out on this key marketing opportunity for long lasting brand awareness!

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