Kingfisher Shopping Centre

Kingfisher Shopping Centre was sponsoring a local cycling event and wanted to source some promotional products to maximise the coverage they got on the day.

They’d sponsored the event the year previous and in typical style the great British summer was true to form…and it had poured down! They looked into branded umbrellas but found that this would be cost prohibitive, so Love. To Brand suggested promotional ponchos – they’d do the same job at a fraction of the price and would be far easier to distribute.

Needless to say, Kingfisher loved the idea and the green light was given to produce the order.

So what do you reckon….did it rain on the day?

We use Love. To Brand because they are all-round awesome. They’re a great team – always on the ball, quick with turnaround, get great prices every time and are helpful above and beyond what’s expected of them. They don’t let us down and are never daunted by any task or request put their way. They truly are a pleasure to work with and will deal with your branding requirements effortlessly and efficiently, and most importantly, with a smile! Top notch, you’d be sorry to go anywhere else.
Mariola Novakovic
Marketing Co-ordinator