Clitheroe Castle

Clitheroe Castle has a gift shop to complement their museum and visitor centre.

They’d sourced a range of promotional items but sadly sales weren’t proving to be great. As a new company to the area, Love. To Brand were approached to see if we could help, and offer our thoughts on their current range of merchandise.

The range was trying to cater for two different markets; school children who wanted to spend their pocket money whilst on a school trip, and the more senior members of the community who wanted to buy a memento. By doing so they failed to appeal to either.

Love. To Brand transformed the range that we offered; we now have colourful pencils, pens, notebooks and erasers for the school children, along with a more traditional range to cater for our more senior community members. Far more appropriate and the proof of the pudding is how often we need to re-stock. Very happy!
Jacqueline Villars
Business Support Officer