Neil runs his own flourishing business development consultancy, helping businesses to operate more efficiently and successfully. 

He works closely with business owners and key decision makers throughout his projects and he came to us looking for some good quality gifts that he could give to his customers. Predominantly to thank them for their custom but also items he could use for event giveaways.

Neil wanted the quality of the branded merchandise to be a credible reflection of his business and was looking for the items to have an executive feel.

Notebooks with matching branded metal pen both complimented Alleviates branding whilst being items he felt his clients would make good use of.

Neil also chose to go for some good quality card USB’s which he is always complimented on. The USB’s were designed to look just like his business cards and were a quirky item for Neil to give to people in place of an actual business card. Both items have been very well received by Neil’s clients.

Your Brand is very important to any business but it is essential when starting off and looking to differentiate yourself from the competition. Alleviate want to be the best and be associated with the best so we can often be very demanding! We have a dedicated manager in Sam who knows us well and delivers quality products that stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression with our clients. Sam thinks creatively and understands that our brand is critical to the success of our business. It’s about the company, its products, its service…but also importantly about its people . It’s been a pleasure working with Sam from the very start, long may it continue.
Neil Black