Guest Blog: The Benefits of Rebranding

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In the modern world, trends are rapidly changing, and with the rise of social media, everyone is kept in the know. Rolling with the times and adapting to new trends in order to maintain a look that will continue to engage with customers is the best way to keep people interested.

The thought of pulling off a whole rebrand can be daunting, particularly for business owners whose companies have long been established, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Rebranding your business offers the opportunity for you to reflect upon the developments that have taken place within your company – all of the accomplishments you’ve achieved and the growth and successes you’ve seen over the years – and acknowledge and celebrate those changes in the look and overall aesthetic of your refreshed company brand.

Key benefits of rebranding your business:

1) Stay current in the market
Design trends play a huge part in affecting how your company is seen not only by existing and potential customers, but also by others within the industry. Keeping your brand up to date in terms of current trends signals that, whilst you’re paying attention to changes in the world of marketing, you’re also in-the-know about changing trends within your particular industry.
It may be that over the years you’ve been in business, your company has lost touch with its original branding, showing inconsistencies in fonts, colours and the branding basics that give people an inkling of who you are. Rebranding can be the best way to refresh your look, reset your brand guidelines and regain consistency.

2) Reach a new audience
Those with well-established brands that are already recognised within their industry are the least likely to pursue a rebrand. However, giving your brand a facelift could be the key to getting your name out there with a new audience that, at present, isn’t being marketed to.
People notice change. Think of the rebrand pulled off by Old Spice in 2010. The company, established in 1937, had been successful and well-recognised by consumers for over 70 years. They took a risk in rebranding to target a younger demographic, and their new outlook and the humour in their marketing definitely captured attention – not just the attention of a new target audience, but also of those who were already familiar with the brand and its products.

3) Celebrate your achievements
If your company has been established for a long time, it’s likely that you will have seen an array of changes and developments within the business. These could be changes that are seen and known to the public – like company expansion, the offering of new products or services or a move to new premises – or changes that have taken place behind the scenes, such as adjustments to the way the company operates or movements in key company values and goals.
One of the best ways to celebrate your growth is with a rebrand. Rebranding is a fantastic way to show your existing and potential customers that your company is evolving.

Things to remember:

1) Keep your customers informed
When carrying out a company rebrand, one of the biggest mistakes most commonly made by business owners is not sharing their intentions with the public. If your brand has been in the circuit for a number of years, whether that be locally, nationally or internationally, it’s a good idea to keep people in the know when it comes to launching your rebrand. Sending out a press release prior to the launch of your new brand look can help to create public anticipation, or doing so post-launch could provide a great platform for you to share your motivations and inspirations in taking this big step.

2) Choose the right people for the job
In order to rebrand your company, a person first needs to know all about your current brand – what makes you who you are as a company, what your core values and key missions are, and the things that drive you to wherever it is that you want to be in ten years’ time. If you’re considering rebranding your business, the key thing to consider first is getting the right team for the job. You’ll need a team who are as passionate about what you do and how much you achieve as you are, one who wants to see you succeed and will do anything to help you reach your goals. A team like Root Fifty Two!

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