Real Christmas cards, or e-cards: that is the question.

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At Christmas, we’re quite the traditionalists, so love receiving handwritten cards in brightly coloured envelopes through the post each year; there’s definitely something charming about a scrawled, festive message which has been written with care (we like to think so anyway!). Everybody has their own individual writing style which gives your card that personal touch, and so surely this should have the edge on a digital, generic e-card?

We believe so anyway, and it seems we’re not the only ones!

Industry reports show that the trend for sending e-cards at Christmas is taking a downward turn, with £14million more being spent by those choosing to send festive greetings through the post in 2015, compared with 2014.

The figures suggest, according to Greetings Card Association (GCA), that well-wishers are reviving the tradition for sending physical cards, opting to keep the custom of decorating walls and mantelpieces with those characterful greetings from friends and family alive.

Real Christmas cards’ tangible nature means they’ll be picked up and read by family and friends many times over the festive period, sparking off conversations about relatives overseas and reminiscing about happy times with friends.

They are also a month-long marketing tool for any business wanting to let their customers and suppliers know that they are at the forefront of their minds. It reminds them that you care and importantly, opens up the conversation for future business. Remember that old client you’ve been meaning to get in touch with? Why not say ‘I’m still here’ with a Christmas card?

Real cards do what an e-card can’t. Yes, e-cards may be eco-friendly, cheaper and quicker to send than putting pen to paper, affixing a stamp and battling the cold to stuff them into your nearest post box, but we think that’s part of the fun!

Instead of sending out a quick, impersonal Christmas email to your customers, why not order Christmas cards personalised to your business this year? We can supply these from just 50 units and the lead time is only 5 days from artwork approval!

So, you still have time to get your corporate, tangible cards ordered and out the door in time for Christmas! Call 01200 450 005 or email for prices and further details.