Print IS still alive and kicking!

Digital marketers and media experts have been predicting the death of print for years, but instead of disappearing, print media is just re-inventing itself for a digital world. So while you may be pulling out all the stops to make your business a big hit digitally, here are four reasons why you shouldn’t neglect the […]

Real Christmas cards, or e-cards: that is the question.

At Christmas, we’re quite the traditionalists, so love receiving handwritten cards in brightly coloured envelopes through the post each year; there’s definitely something charming about a scrawled, festive message which has been written with care (we like to think so anyway!). Everybody has their own individual writing style which gives your card that personal touch, […]

How to make customers LOVE your brand

Although it seems fairly obvious, the level of your business’ success really does depend on the way you treat your customers. It’s essential to build strong customer relationships; to show them they’re important to you, whilst continually striving to meet and exceed their expectations. A happy customer equals a loyal and longstanding customer! We have […]

Right place, right time…

Very recently we took a phone call from a Marketing Manager who had attended a seminar we hosted a couple of years ago. Although she’d been interested in the idea of promotional merchandise, the company was fairly new and didn’t have the budgets available, so off she went with one of our Love to Brand […]

Putting ink onto paper…

Traditional writing instruments are the most popular promotional products purchased, so we felt it was only right to dedicate a blog to the good, old fashioned pen! Writing with a pen may be perceived old-hat in this digital world; however, pens do still serve an important role in our lives. We bet that you all […]

Game, Set and Match!

With Wimbledon being the sporting event of the moment (except the Euros of course, although England’s performance would be best forgotten!), we’ve based this month’s blog on how your organisation can win ‘Game, Set and Match’ through the use of promotional merchandise… We’re all looking for opportunities to keep in front of our customers, but […]

Calls to action – the lowdown!

What is a call to action? A call to action (or CTA) is the element of a marketing message which aims to persuade a person to perform an act and/or respond in the way you want them to. In other words, a CTA tells people what you want them to do, for example Call, Subscribe […]

Are you making the most of exhibitions?

Events, exhibitions, trade shows, expos (or whichever term you like to refer to them as!) are happening all year round and are an effective way to promote your business, as well as a great networking opportunity. If you’re already exhibiting at an upcoming event or are thinking about promoting your organisation at an exhibition, here […]

File formats, brand colours & printing – what you need to know!

Once you’ve chosen which promotional products are right for you, it’s time to think about the branding. This is usually quite straightforward; however, there are some technical considerations which must be taken into account… Print file formats If we had a pound for every time a customer says, “can’t you just get the logo from […]

Marketing planning….are you ready for 2016?

Happy New Year! We can’t quite believe its 2016 – time flies when you’re having fun! Along with a New Year is the requirement for a new marketing plan; putting your strategy together for the year ahead is essential and the earlier it can be done the better – get organised now to ensure your […]